Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy to be Stuck With You

Marriage is a funny thing. You live day in, day out with someone, taking them for granted and magnifying all their quirky ways that drive you crazy....then they leave for a couple days, and you miss their quirky little ways. David is on his way to Atlanta as I type this, and I miss that kooky man already.

Oh, come on, keep reading. This isn't going to be a mushy post about the man God chose to stick me with. But he is what's on my mind today, so he's what my post is about.

I've mentioned before about being an eternal pessismist married to an eternal optimist. It just fits. Honestly, I don't see how 2 pessismists put together would ever get out of their mopey, sad, moods because neither one would feel like dragging the other one out. And 2 optimists put together just might make everyone else around them ill with their upbeat attitudes all the time. But we balance each other out. Rather, he balances me out.

When I'm upset about some awful injustice I've been dealt, he doesn't play into my "woe is me" attitude. He makes jokes about it until I start to laugh. He even said once, "If I can get you to laugh, that's how I know everything's ok". But he doesn't do so in an annoying way or by ignoring my hurt feelings altogether. He acknowledges that because of my super-sensitive-crazy personality, I'm become upset about something normal people wouldn't blink an eye about, then he makes me laugh about it.

A classic example of his quirky idea of a romantic sentiment was a note he left me at my dorm while we were dating. It simply said, I love you more than cheeseburgers. All the stress of my mile long list of assignments vanished when I read those 6 words.

We took the kids to Branson this past December and they were so excited that our hotel had a pool. I hastily stashed a few swimsuits for myself in the suitcase, including my maternity one, just in case I couldn't fit my big toe in any of my other ones. Luck was on my side that weekend, however, and I fit into a little tankini suit I had worn a few summmers ago (between babies). I pranced out of the bathroom struttin' my stuff exclaiming, "I stilllllll got it!" and was immediately brought back to reality by my loving husband who responded, "Just mooooooore of it!".

A few weeks ago I was going through one of my mini phases of feeling over-worked and under-appreciated. To top it all off, David seemingly hadn't heard a word I said the preceding couple of days because he kept asking me about things we had just discussed! After the 3rd such topic arose, I loudly announced to the household, "I'M INVISIBLE!!!!". To which David quickly shot back, "Cool! We're going to the BANK!!!".

Hurry home, dear...I need a good laugh.


info@depot said...

hi there..

nice blog and have a nice day!!!


Margo said...

What a nice post.

You remind me of myself, very emotional. ;-)

Your husband does sound like a funny guy, but I would have had to kick him for that bathing suit comment. (Sorry David)

David said...

I need you just as much-- if not more-- than you need me. I'm glad to be home and to laugh with you. I love you sweetheart!!!

Margo said...

How sweet!!! Seriously, my husband doesn't even read my blog!

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