Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My "Mommy Strike" was Short-Lived

When David decided to grace us with his prescence after work today, he was greeted with smells of lilac, homemade fried chicken, foamy bathroom cleaner, vaccummed carpets, and pledge wipes. (I was hoping to add freshly showered wife to that list, but it just didn't happen.)

Last night, however, was a different story....

I went on "Mommy Strike". Well, that's not entirely accurate...I still took care of the children, so it was more like "Homemaker Strike". I arrived home from work late, due to some rain slicked roads (GO! PEOPLE! GO! IT'S NOT LIKE THERE'S 10 FEET OF SNOW ON THE HIGHWAY!) and had to make a mad dash to get myself, and Drue, ready to go to her first swimming lesson. (I'll post a story and pics tomorrow).

I rushed home from swimming, after picking Drue and I up some supper, just in time to miss my favorite American Idol's performance. I tried to gulp down my meal amidst squeals from the little ones, and Tate grabbing at whatever I was trying to stuff in my mouth. After Tate and Drue were finally in bed, I was exhausted. Actually, I was probably exhausted before they got in bed, but we moms seem to have this power that somehow keeps us going until they are asleep, then we crash like a ton of bricks.

The kitchen was a mess. Supposedly, Drue had spilled some milk in the fridge. (Per one of the "squeals" from Reese). Our bedroom was trashed (and had been for a few days). There were clothes everywhere. Clean. Dirty. I'm not even altogether sure. I feel unsettled when it's like that and I don't like sleeping there. So my plan was to drag myself up the stairs and give it a thorough cleaning.

Here came David and Reese to watch TV in the bed. Hmmm....ok....if they were upstairs, then who, pray tell, was downstairs cleaning up the spilled milk in the fridge?! Call me a camel, because that was the straw. Ouch.

I don't excuse my behavior following that incident, but I will go on to tell about it. I flipped out. I started on a rampage about how I was going to bed. I wasn't going to clean our room. I didn't care if it ever got clean. I didn't care if the milk in the fridge ever got wiped up. It could sour there and stink up the whole neighborhood. I didn't care if any of our clothes ever got washed again. Nobody else seems to care so WHY SHOULD I?!?!

I kissed Reese good night (see I told you it wasn't really a "Mommy Strike") and curled up under my wadded blankets on my unmade bed. It was 8:37pm. I had a headache.

Thankfully, my conscience did its' magic on me without disturbing my slumber. And when the kids woke me up around 7:15am, I was ready to face the day with all its' challenges, regardless of whom may, or may not, even notice.

MHMHDAVID! Excuse me...I had to clear my throat....

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