Thursday, August 09, 2007

Busy Summer

As of the girls and the fun stuff they did this summer. Our vacation pictures (and saga) will be coming soon.

Reese took swimming lessons again in July. Contrary to this picture, the lessons were at an outdoor swimming pool this time (their very last lesson had to be indoor due to the rain...and of course I hadn't been prepared with my camera during the other lessons). She took them with a little boy of a friend of ours. Which was nice, because I got to chat with his mom during lessons.


Our "Girls Night Out" to the Wizard of Oz. Funny how my "Girls Nights Out" used to consist of me leaving the house solo and getting together with other women who are capable of carrying on a complete conversation without mentioning the names of any cartoon characters. (I do still get out at least twice a month to play Bunco).


The girls enjoyed the play. I wasn't aware it was almost 3 hours long, however, so by 11:15pm they were trying to fold themselves up in the metal outdoor theatre seats we were in and go to sleep. Drue was sitting on my lap at the time and kept saying, "I want to go home. I want to go home." Which played in well to her role as Dorothy. We went to this with one of Reese's little friends from church (whose mom whipped up a Munchkin outfit that very afternoon after the little girl changed her mind about wanting to be Dorothy. That is true talent people. I have already told the girls they will be Dorothy and Glinda for discussion). The mom and I get along great and I always look forward to our playdates. She is also the mother of 3 and is so down to earth about everything. I can just lay it all out on the line with her without fear of her turning up her nose at the confession of me finding a week old milk cup in the van...via its' scent.

Reese had a weeklong soccer camp. Again, with the same little boy whom she took swimming lessons with. So me and his mom gabbed it up during camp. Her coaches said she was a great little soccer player for her age and encouraged us to keep her in the game. And no, I am choosing not to believe they wrote that on everyone's sheet. My daughter is gifted. (Please tell me you sensed my sarcasm there.)

No cool action shots. I was lucky to get this one (of Reese not looking my direction...surprise, surprise).


And lastly Reese had a one night Cinderella Ball camp. She got to dress up in her little tutu and perform for us. Way at the top of the list as one of the cutest things I've seen. Every little girls' mother looks forward to that. Reese loves to dance but is still very shy when she gets up there. She had a great time and loved getting to wear make-up and jewelry. Afterwards I took her shopping for a backpack...tutu and all. A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e.


So that's about it. It was a busy summer. Actually, it was a busy July. All of the above events occurred in that one month! And it is looking like we'll have a busy Fall as well. Preschool, AWANA, and children's choir at church. Dang...does that mean I'm going to have to become one of those organized Moms who always keep a colored coded activity schedule handy?

Now where did I put the fridge so I can hang my nifty schedule on the door.....?
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Margo said...

They're adorable! Can your kids actually stay in one place for an entire 3 hours?! Wow! maybe it's the "boys are different than girls" thing. We're just able to take Stephen to a movie, and he still gets antsy as soon as the previews are over!

Kristen said...

I have been amazed that they do as well as they do Margo. They do have their moments...whining, restless, etc. but for the most part, they do pretty good. We can't take poor Tate anywhere yet, so David usually volunteers to stay home with him. :)

Reese is always asking to go home before a movie is over, but she's getting better.

Margo said...

Won't it be nice when the whole family can go to a movire together and sit through the entire thing? :-)

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