Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Snickers

No, not like the candy bar. Snickers doesn't satisfy at my leaves my kids bouncing off the furniture and laughing hysterically at anything and everything.

Snickers as in laughter. At their funny little conversations/situations.

Reese's Sunday School class routinely eats their snacks right when parents are coming to pick up the kids. I can't very well toss her little cup of treats into the trash in front of everyone so we let her bring it with her in the car.

There is potential for that to cause a big Drue gazes longingly at Reese's edible treasures. But Reese has been very good about sharing some with her. She does need some encouragement at times, "Don't you want to share your fruit loops with your sister?" or "I bet Drue would like one of those."

Today, however, she shared of her own free will. Drue was so excited, she shouted to me across the church lobby filled with people, "Mommy! Reesie shared with me!". Which, of course, meant I had to wade my through the crowd to commend her. "Mmmmmmm, these pretzels are good," Drue commented.

All the way back to the van I praised Reese for sharing her snack with Drue. I was feeling pretty good about her selfless personality when David looked in the rear view mirror and discovered that Reese was first licking off all the salt before she so sweetly passed them to Drue!

We had to make a quick stop at Target to get a few things. One of which was not a new sugary cereal for the girls to try. Somehow, Drue got her hands on some Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats and wanted to take them home simply because they were pink. (Take one guess whose cart she was in...because one of us would have stood firm and said, "Absolutely not! That is sugary junk. We didn't come here for cereal." The other of us is a big ol' softie and I'm surprised didn't let her dump the whole shelf in her cart).

As we headed home, I didn't catch the first part of their conversation, but I heard Reese say, "Drue--are you excited about God?".


"Drue! You're not excited about God?!?".

"No. I'm excited about my pink cereal."

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Margo said...

Well, the salt is the best part after all. ;-)

So was that gross cereal a hit or miss? Mini wheats are yuck!

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