Friday, August 17, 2007


Tate's 15 month development sheet that was sent home with him today after his checkup listed many things he can do great...and a few he needs a little work on.

His "Right on Target" subjects include: walking well, stooping, and recovering, and scribbling (albeit he chooses to practice this skill on the walls).

His "Needs Improvement" subjects include: removing clothing (I'm sorta glad he hasn't figured that one out yet), 3 additional words (additional?? we are still working on the first 3), and points to body parts.

Then I spied "spoon usage better" indicating at this age his usage should be improving. So I took a few shots at dinner tonight to gauge his progress....




Hmmmmm....well, the sheet didn't actually say better than what? So I could fill in my own blank there and say with confidence "His spoon usage is better than that of a trained monkey".
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reichleyja said...

I'm so glad you wrote about Tate's check-up. I started to call you last night and ask how it went. He's doing fine according to his Grandma Judy. I did start showing him his parts of the body the other day, but he didn't quite understand what I was doing. I love his pictures of his using a spoon. Adorable. He'll catch on soon enough.

Margo said...


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