Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Toddlers' Nightmare

Studies show that babies actually dream. (I don't know if that is really a true statement...I think I have heard something about that but am too lazy to google it at this time).

Reese has told me a few dreams that she has had. But for the most part, I'll ask the girls what they dreamt about after they wake up and they can't really remember. Actually Drue always answers this question the same way, "I dreamed about going to the beach". After the third straight day of answering that way, I figured out that this probably wasn't the case, she just needed to have an answer handy.

So I've always wondered what dreams really do go through their peaceful little heads at night.

Drue apparently had her first real nightmare early this morning. A little before 7am I heard someone cry out. It was a short enough cry that I couldn't determine right off if it was Drue or Tate. I cocked my head to get a better listen and heard a distinct cry which I was able to deduce was Drue.

I went into her room and to find her sitting up in bed, distraught. I went over and put my arm around her and asked what was the matter. She looked up at me with furrowed little eyebrows and tearfully asked, "Mommy...did you pink cereal...back to the grocery store?".

(Remember the pink cereal which brought her more excitement than the God of the Universe who knit her together in my womb?).

I stifled a giggle and assured her I had not, nor would I ever, return her beloved pink cereal to the grocery store.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and all was right with her little world once again.

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Margo said...

LOL!!!!! Oh man! She must really love those mini wheats! That is hilarious, Kristen. :-)

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