Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fabulous Faces

We headed out to the KC area KidsFest this morning. I wasn't sure what to expect but I had heard on ad on the radio about "Kids", "Fun Stuff", "Saturday" and I was hooked. We are always looking for different things to do to get out of the house. Basically it was a bunch of vendors from the KC area who offered neat things/services for kids. We received a ton of coupons, fliers, and signed up to win some free stuff.

It was crowded, however, and Tate didn't appreciate not having free reign to wreak havoc on the booths, so we tried to hurry through as best we could. I had hyped it up to be a really fun place on the way over, so I wanted the girls to at least get something out of it. We quickly ducked into the line for face painting. I'm thinking a dainty flower, perhaps a small heart on their smooth little cheek and we'll be on our way...with two happy girls in tow.

A Clown was doing the face painting, which was an added bonus. I plopped Drue in the chair and she told the lady she wanted a "kitty" on her face. This is what she looked like afterwards...


I was speechless! This is the most awesome display of face painting I have ever seen in all my born days. And she was only in the chair for about 2 minutes! I don't know who'll be more sad when we have to wash it off tonight....Drue or Mommy!

Reese is so shy and whispered, with my prompting, that she would like a flower. Hers turned out really cool also. And she visited the booth where a gal was doing little girl's hair in mini updos. I tried to watch how she did it, because I am sure Reese will want her hair like this for church tomorrow! When we got home, she immediately went up to her room and got a pretty dress to put on so she felt more like a princess.

Tate got his face decorated too....only it was with the bagful of cheddar chex mix we gave him to keep him occupied. So he has a nice orange tint to his face. I suppose I could have put a dot of black paint on his nose and called him a tiger...
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Margo said...

Those are the best face painting jobs ever!

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