Monday, October 13, 2008


Another year of AWANA is in full swing at church.

Reese has moved up to Sparks this year and really likes it. It's way more challenging because she is learning more verses each week. It is so sweet to hear her recite John 3:16, I've got to record it. Don't mind her outfit was camoflauge night, plus they have to wear tennis shoes for game time, so this is how it all came together.


Drue started Cubbies this year. She has actually been learning some of the verses right along with Reese since she was 2. She has a great little memory. She was trying to curtsy in this picture.


Tate will get to start Cubbies next year. But he just likes to be in on whatever the girls are doing at the time. So after I had taken both their pictures and was getting ready to load them up in the van, I looked up and there was Tate...posing for his picture.
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Amanda said...

Tate, you are so cute. I can just see you running over to the very spot your sisters just stood for their picture and waiting patiently for your mommy to take your picture!

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