Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Those Crazy Commercials

Last night the kids and I popped a big bowl of popcorn and settled in to watch a little TV before bed. I can usually find a show on the Disney channel that I enjoy watching with them, however, last night there wasn't much on.

So I surfed around a bit and found a rerun of one of the earlier episodes of the Cosby Show. I LOVED the Cosby show growing up so I thought it would be neat for the kids to see. They were a bit skeptical at first but liked little Rudy so they decided to keep watching. (Reese and Drue also like watching an occasional episode of Full House when we can find one).

As always, the commercials are atrociously loud so I mute them the second they come on. If I'm not paying attention, or leave to do something, Reese is quick to holler at me when the show is back or just unmute it herself.

We were talking during the commercials last night when Reese glanced up at the screen and announced, "IT'S BACK!". I went to grab the remote as I looked at the screen as well, and was surprised to find, not a young Bill Cosby on the screen, but a political ad for Barack Obama!

During the next set of commercials, still laughing at Reese's mix up, I muted them again. A Jenny Craig commercial came on and she informed me, " should listen to's about losing weight!".

And that took care of the laughing....

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Alice said...

That is so funny!!!! WE mute all the commercials too. And do you really need to loose weight....I doubt it.

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