Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Grammar Lesson

Today at lunch, Reese was enlightening us about that sometimes tricky silent "e" in words. Conveniently with regards to that particular lesson, all the kids have a silent "e" in their name.

She was trying to explain this to Drue, who just wasn't buying it. Drue was adamant, "No I don't. I do not have a silent 'e' in my name!".

They went back and forth for a few seconds when Drue triumphantly repeated again, "I do not have a silent 'e' in my name....D-R-U-E....see, I heard it!".

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Amanda said...

So cute! The way their little miinds think is just so adorable! I can't beleave Reese is already learning so much too! Seriously, she is going to be bringing home so many new tidbits of knowledge! It makes her seem so grown-up!

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