Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sweet Afternoon

On Sunday, a rare moment occurred.

David was at work.

Reese had gone home with her little friend after church.

Tate was napping.

That left Drue...and me...together...just the two of us.

I started my seemingly endless task of picking up the house and cleaning bits and pieces, but I just couldn't get those big hazel eyes out of my mind. My middle child who never gets me all to herself.

I snatched her out of the basement where she was playing and we proceeded to play a Candyland tournament. Well, it didn't start out being a tournament. It started out as, "Hey Drue, do you want to play Candyland with me?" and one game turned into another and so on.

There were no squabbles about who got to go first. There was no throwing of the plastic pieces across the room. There were no mini people coming and stealing the cards, then running off laughing maniacally.

It was a peaceful couple of hours for the two of us. Each time Drue got even one space ahead of me on the board she would say confidently, "I am SO going to win this!".

Then my big 4 year old, who no longer takes naps, crawled up on the couch next to me, slithered under my blanket and fell asleep...

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Schmierer-Knust Family said...

I probably appreciate this story more than the average I am the middle child. Keep doing will be the time she remembers most as an adult. :)

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