Monday, October 13, 2008



This past weekend we headed to SBU's Homecoming/my 10 year reunion. We really didn't go for me, however. A bunch of David's friends were getting together and I thought that would be neat for him.

It was kind of a crazy, whirlwind of a time. We just spent Friday night, and Saturday morning there, then headed home. But it was neat to walk the campus again. With our children. It was strange, in a cool way, to have those 2 worlds collide. Remembering back to when we were footloose and fancy free, in charge of our own time, just hanging out together, yet now running after our 3 little offspring on the very same grounds.

The girls and I peeked into an empty classroom and I explained to them that was where Daddy and I first met. I could almost see my 14 year younger self sitting nervously at my desk because I knew David Hollaway was not too far behind me in the next row over.

The above picture was taken on the steps of Beasley Hall where I lived for 3 years. David would head over on a study break many nights and we would sit on these steps together and just talk.

It was funny taking the kids in the lobby of my old even smelled the laundry detergent because the laundry room is right underneath.

We didn't venture out to try and find the cliff where we got engaged...we'll have to save that for another trip.
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Alice said...

That is awesome you went to it totally different? You better teach Reese about modesty before you let her venture to SBU.....he he.

Loved the AWANA pictures.

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