Sunday, October 05, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

122. That's how many pictures I took at the pumpkin patch! It certainly didn't seem like it at the time. Well, not to me, anyway. David and the kids were less than thrilled when I kept snapping away and would try and pose everyone just so. Drue won my "best poser" of the day award. She was always willing to stop and smile sweetly for the camera. Until the very end of our afternoon there when the sun was in her eyes and I was trying to get a cute one of all of them in a pile of pumpkins.




It was a beautiful day for our outing. Last year they were in long sleeves, hats, sweaters, etc. They all loved the huge homemade slides this year. They are built into the sides of hills. Half my pictures were taken of them sliding down these slides. But a lot were blurry and didn't quite catch the excitement of the moment like I wanted them too.

We attempted to go through the haunted barn. But as Tate can't even go by the halloween decorations at the store without getting scared, he only last about a foot into the barn. He, Drue, and I hightailed it back out to wait for Reese and David. Who surprised my by coming out not 5 seconds after us. Not quite ready for that yet.

I am still loving their ages right now. Everything is still so exciting for them. I told the girls we were going to a super secret special surprise place when David got home from work. So, of course, all day they were trying to drag it out of me. I was surprised they didn't get tipped off when I dressed them all in their Halloween shirts. I played it off by saying, "Let's put on our new shirts for Daddy!".

Tate had a constant grin plastered on his face at all times as usual. I hope he stays that happy and excited forever. He tries to be such a big boy...but as the wagon ride lurched us out to the patch, he reached over and grabbed my hand for a little extra support, squealing with delight.

It was a fun afternoon. Just a bit tiring as we were being pulled in three different directions by little hands that each wanted to explore a different area of the place simultaneously.
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