Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Fear of the Law

Ok, I am going to make a declaration that on "Spring Forward Day" of Daylight cannot rain! A rainy dark morning coupled with losing an hour of sleep DO NOT fair well with getting myself up and waking up 3 slumbering children (all of who made their way into my bed last night) to get to church on time.

We ran around like crazy people getting ourselves ready. Drue was upset that all she had time to eat for breakfast was a granola bar. I was smelling Tate's hair to make sure he had no mystery food odors coming from it since I didn't have time to bathe them this morning. Drue decided to make a last minute sock change as we were heading out the door and exchanged her summer footie socks for regular ankle socks, one hot pink, the other purple. This was the way she went to church.

I tuned the van radio to the Christian radio station in hopes of calming our crazied atmosphere and spirits before we got to church. And we were off. I looked in the rearview mirror at my backseat passengers. The girls were actually playing nicely together with their zoo souvenirs from yesterday. Tate was inspecting something on the end of his finger. Uh oh.

"Mommy...mommmy...mommy..." (I don't know why Tate says my name multiple times in row but he does). "Mommy, I have a boogie". I tossed him a kleenex and all was well.

Except now he wanted to see Drue's zoo toy. After some coaxing and a mini sharing lecture from me, she let him have it. It didn't take long for the girls' attention to wander on to something else. They were both looking out the back window and giggling about who knows what.

As we drew nearer to the church I saw a cop out of the corner of my eye. It looked like he was just pulling out of Sonic, not like he was laser gunning people.

As we passed by him Reese hollered out this warning, "There's a police car! Everyone. Act. Normal!"

And it worked, by golly. My pleas of "settle down", "let's be nice" etc, had gone unheeded. But they all three, did indeed, act normal the rest of our journey.

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