Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tate Talk

Here's just a sampling of some of Tate's quirky vocabulary:

"My Own"

Instead of saying "mine" or "my" he will say things like "That's my own shoe" or "I play my own cars". And if we try and play with him and say, "That's my own ball" he will quickly correct us say, "No, that's Tate's own ball".

"How 'bout?"

We take this child everywhere with us. Him being one of the pint sized people we are responsible for and all. But he always feels the need to suggest that he join us. "Time to get ready for church," we'll say. And he automatically asks, "How 'bout I come?".

"Mommy, you happy?"

Tate is somewhat of a little peacemaker...I said somewhat...because he is usually the culprit for stirring up trouble as well. But he doesn't like for me to be upset with him. If I have to sternly get after him for something, he will rush over and pleadingly ask, "Mommy you happy?". And if I say, "No, I'm not happy, you disobeyed Mommy" or something to that effect, it really bothers him. He will almost be driven to tears as it becomes more of a command from him than a question at this point, "Mommy...you happy!".

But I think that it's sweet that he is concerned with whether or not I'm happy. There were obviously some frustrating moments during potty training but no matter how rough the day had gone, as I would tuck him into bed he would happily drift off to sleep if I assured him that "Mommy is happy".

Of course, he has now started giving himself away before I am aware of something naughty he has done. He will come bursting in the kitchen out of nowhere..."Mommy you happy?" about 3 seconds before I hear the wail of one of his sisters as a result of his torment.

He, himself, is such a happy little guy. I will ask him a few times during the day, "Tate you happy?" and he always gets a big grin on his face and nods his head. Certainly, there are times he's upset about something and when I ask, "Tate you happy?" he will furrow his eyebrows and shake his head, saying, "I not happy" but all it usually takes is for me to mimic his command of "Tate you happy!" and his grin peeks through again.

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Alice said...

Well he will certainly make a good husband someday.....wanting to make the girlies in his life...happy..especially his mommy!! That is a must-have kinda boy!

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