Saturday, March 21, 2009

Humbled by my 6 year old

Reese has had a fever and cough for the past 2 days. The past few beautiful Spring days. Ugh. No outdoor time for us.

Yesterday the kids and I just kind of vegged all day and watched movies. Reese laid on the couch the whole time with bright red cheeks and glassy eyes.

Today she perked up a bit. She actually got up and walked around and felt good enough to giggle a time or two. So the TV went off. But I still wasn't comfortable taking them out to enjoy the fresh air. While Tate napped, I drug out some crayons, colored pencils, and blank white pieces of paper, complete with 3 hard cover books to use as our drawing boards. We each drew a picture, then showed it off to each other.

We started to make a little game out of it. "Let's draw our favorite place to go", I suggested. The girls got busy making their creation and then we guessed what each person's picture was.

This went on and on for probably an hour and a half. It was neat to see what they thought of each time, and how they drew it. We did our favorite animals, our favorite thing to do outside, our favorite Princess, etc. Then we came to our favorite gift...

I thought for a few seconds about the jewelry each girl had picked out for me, the lotions, the candy, etc and knew I couldn't pick one of those, for fear I would hurt the other one's feelings. So I explained to both of them that I wasn't going to pick something that either one had given me because I loved all their gifts and couldn't pick just one. I would pick one from my childhood.

The time came for us to show our pictures to each other. This time we weren't going to make each other guess. We were just going to tell what we drew as we showed it.

"My favorite gift was my E.T. doll", I said as I turned my picture around. That doll is now like 25 years old and goes back and forth from the girls' room to Tate's room.

"My favorite gift was my baby doll", Drue said proudly as she showed us her picture of a doll in a green dress.

Reese quietly turned her picture around and very sweetly and sincerely said, "My favorite gift was the best gift of all...Jesus dying on the cross for us. So we can spend forever in Heaven with Him."

Drue and I just looked at each other and smiled with the realization our gifts had just been trumped...

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Kristen said...

David says...she is soooooo SWEET! Sometimes I think that God teaches us more through her than he teaches her through us. I LOVE HER!

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