Saturday, March 07, 2009

Goin' to the about

Well, I did it.

I went on an outing with all the kids, without being laden down like a pack mule. Without a diaper bag, stroller, or snacks to feed a small army. I didn't even take the camera this time.

It was invigorating, freeing, and kind of sad. I don't have any "babies" anymore.

David had to work today and I knew I wanted to be anywhere but cooped up at home, so since we still have a month left of our zoo pass from last year, that was our decided destination.

And as is the law of the land, I kind of wished we had brought along all of the aforementioned items. We are hard pressed to keep Tate in his stroller anymore, he wants to have free reign to explore his surroundings like the girls do. But, of course, since the stroller was left sitting in our garage, he wanted to be carried quite a bit today.

And the kids never want to slow down to pose for a cute picture. But, again, because my camera was sitting on my counter at home, Reese stopped by a zoo statue and smiled up sweetly at me and said, "Take my picture".

And we barely stepped foot inside the gates, when they started asking for something to eat...or drink.

I had planned on just cruising through the zoo without spending too much on the extras offered. But we did end up riding the Merry-Go-Round, the tram, and the pretty much almost all the extras. In my defense, they are all at such a fun, excitable age. And I want to enjoy that. Not that you have to spend money to enjoy being together. But one day they are going to be "too cool" to ride the carousel or snuggle up next to me on the tram, or giggle in anticipation of the long dark tunnel coming up on the train ride. And if it costs me a few bucks to experience that with be it.

As we were riding the tram to Africa we were talking about the bridge we were about to go over.

With a little reluctance in her voice, Drue said, "That's a height. I'm scared of heights".

Which of course scared Tate and Reese, right on down the line. So Tate grabbed hold of my hand and Reese's hand and Drue grabbed Reese's other hand while we went over it.

I think I mentioned last year how the zoo has a way of sucking all the energy out of the kids. Yesterday I took them to a park for an hour and a half. They ran full speed the whole time, climbing, riding their scooters/bikes, etc. But for some reason a leisurely stroll spent gazing at animals exhausts them. We rode the tram to Africa for the sole purpose of boarding the boat in Africa. Upon our arrival, we discovered the boat wasn't running. So we boarded the return tram back to our original we could hop on the train. That was the quickest trip to Africa I have ever had.

And it's just not a Hollaway outing unless one of them says something embarrassing. Reese wanted to ride in the very back of the tram. We were the only people in that car for a few minutes. Before it pulled away from the station, a large family climbed into the front seat of our car. And by large, I don't mean there were lots of them. Of course as the dad shoved over to the end of his bench the whole car swayed. Which led Reese to say, "Whoa, why is our tram moving!?" in a louder than needed voice.

I love my little brood. They are a fun bunch.

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