Sunday, March 22, 2009

Funny Little Conversations

The girls have been cracking me up the past few days. Well, they crack me up everyday, but I wanted to quickly post some of the stuff they've said that has made me laugh out loud.

Drue: "I'm hot."

Me: "You're hot?"

Reese (jumping in to explain): "Not the married kind of hot...the summer kind of hot."

Drue: "Mommy, are you going to take a nap today?"

Me: " rarely take a nap."

Reese: "Yeah...she gave up that privilege."

When Reese was sick for a week in October, she missed school, her Halloween school party, all her church activities, and didn't even feel that great to go trick-or-treating. So, I swung by the mall on the way home one day and bought her a Webkin...just to cheer her up a bit.

Now, everytime they are sick, they think they get something. Which is fine with me. So I brought Reese home a small stuffed bunny the other day from the grocery store. I should have known to get an extra for Drue at the time, because the very next day she got a fever and wanted to know where her bunny was. So back to the store I went today.

I am just drained from spending the last 3 days in this house...I have Spring fever, cabin fever, etc. Drue was snuggling me on the couch with her bunny this afternoon.

Drue: "Mom, what do bunnies say?"

Me (with no creative juices flowing whatsoever to even make up a cute little answer): "I don't know."


Drue (as if she couldn't believe I could be so clueless): "They say nothing."

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