Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Surprise Gone Sour

Well, I'm finished.

No more agonizing over gift ideas for David and trying to surprise him. Remember the phone incident from Christmas?

This time he ruined part of his Father's Day gift surprise.

All of his summer t-shirts look like tents on him because he has lost so much weight since last summer. I casually remarked a few weeks ago how he needed to throw out all his shirts and buy new ones in a smaller size. And by "casually remarked" I mean demanded.

We looked at a few shirts while we were out together one night but didn't end up buying any.

So, as part of his Father's Day gift I picked out 3 t-shirts for him from Kohl's. With the youngest two children in tow, mind you. Which involved a lot of questions like, "How 'bout this one Mommy? Where did Daddy go? Is it time for lunch? How far away is the moon?" etc.

After assuring Tate that Daddy would not want a polo shirt with a big purple patterned design on one shoulder, I finished with my selections and snuck them into the back of our bedroom closet along with his other gifts.

As we were getting ready to go to the girls' ballgames tonight, David was sifting through his dresser drawers for something to wear.

He teasingly asked, "Where are those t-shirts you were going to get me?".

With my completely transparent body language, I abruptly shot him a guilty glance.

Continuing with the teasing, he rummaged through his drawers some more asking, "Are they in here? Did you slip some in my drawers?".


I could have just kept quiet I guess and nonchalantly said, "", and gone ahead with the surprise.

But I figured as long as they were sitting in the bottom of our closet, giving them to him a few days early wouldn't hurt. Then I could milk the fact that he ruined yet another surprise.

I disappeared into the closet and came out with the bag of shirts, not even wrapped or anything. I pulled them out one by one and laid them on the bed for him to admire.

Of course he got a kick out of the whole thing...again. But graciously picked one out to wear to the 95 degree game, not even complaining that all the ones I picked out were dark colored.

For all future gift giving occasions I am just going to flat out tell him what he's getting beforehand to do away with the pressure of trying to surprise him and my disappointment when he spoils it.

That sounds like cheery fun.

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