Monday, June 29, 2009

More Hair Drama

I have been doing countless ponytails, braids, "pony braids" (which are ponytails made into braids) on the girls all summer long! Which, I realize, only technically began a week ago...but when you have kids in school "summer" begins on their last day of the year.

When I'm getting the girls ready to go somewhere nice, I like to have their hair in curls, rather than haphazardly thrown together in one of the aforementioned styles.

Reese knows this.

But she is forever trying to get out of it and sneakily talk me into doing any hairstyle except curls on her.

Yesterday morning as we were running around like mad fools trying to get ready for church, she came and found me with her comb in hand and inquired about her hair in a hopeful tone, "Ponies?".




"Pony braids?".


"Straight hair?".


Which she responded to in mock desperation, "Not this curse upon me!".

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