Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Violet Beauregarde

This is going to be Reese's new nickname.

She chewed the same piece of gum for 12 hours today!

And it was a Super Bubble to boot. Which lose their flavor in about 4 minutes.

I knew she popped a piece in her mouth a little after 9am after she got dressed this morning. And I saw a piece of gum on her plate at lunch and again at supper. But I didn't think too much about it.

My kids all love to chew gum. Tate's piece usually falls out of his mouth fairly soon after he starts chewing it. Or I make him throw it away because he keeps pulling it out of his mouth with his grubby little hands.

Drue will chew a piece for awhile, but I think she gets bored with it easily and spits it out.

So I was quite surprised when I noticed Reese chewing gum during our movie tonight at almost 9pm. I jokingly asked her if that was the same piece she had put in this morning and she nodded.

I made David discard it as he carried her sleepy self up to bed. If she had been more awake, she may have lobbied to put it on her bedpost.

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