Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Thoughts from Drue Today

I lack the desire, calling, patience, or organization to home school my children.

Having survived 2 years of sending my eldest off to school, a thought crossed my mind about home schooling mothers. They will never shed a tear on that first day as they watch their baby sling on a backpack that's almost as big as they are and disappear through the front door of the school.

Even though letting go is an inevitable process of parenthood, it does sound nice to delay that process by educating your children at home. So, from time to time, I tease the girls that since I miss them too much while they are away at school...I may just start home schooling them.

Which they both protest to at once.

I have been mentioning that proposal more often now that I will be faced with Reese being gone all day next year, and Drue being gone til 2pm two days a week.

This afternoon we were watching a show where a little boy raised a bird which then flew off into the wild. Tears streamed down his face as he watched his beloved bird fly away. The boy's mother hugged him and he looked up at her and asked, "Did your mom cry when you left home?". To which his teary eyed mother said, "Not until I was gone...".

What?! If I can't even hold my tears in until I leave the kindergarten classroom, I know I will be a mess the day each of my children actually leave home for good. And I told that to the girls while we were sitting there on the couch. "Well, you guys know I'll be crying and won't be trying to hide it from you when you leave".

Drue came up with a brilliant plan, "Mom, you can home college us!".

Drue has been saying random bible verses today that both she and Reese have learned throughout this past year. It has been neat to listen to her.

Tonight at supper she said out of the blue, "'Love your neighbor as yourself' that was one of Reesie's verses this year". Then a new thought occurred to her as she confessed, "I love myself a lot!".

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Kristen said...

Daddy says: I love you a lot too drue!

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