Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Drama Queen & the King of Kings

The girls are inching ever so slightly toward the end of their hair bow stage. I thought I would be completely sad, but have discovered there are other darling hair accessories in the world of headbands! And little elastic thingies...and fun little clips and/or colorful bobby pins.

Tate has it easy. I do try and style his hair a bit. But the other day before church I asked David if he had done Tate's hair. He informed me that doing a boys' hair just involves running your hand down the front of it when they wake up.

After I wet Reese's hair down this morning and combed it in preparation for VBS, I grabbed one of my headbands on a whim and had her place it on her head. She seemed pleased and bounced off to find her shoes.

Picked her up when VBS was done...headband still intact.

We met a little playgroup of her kindergarten friends for lunch and she kept her headband in most of the time. They were running around quite a bit though, so she did take it off at one point and bring it over to me.

Drue bounded over next with her hairbow in hand to give to me. Apparently, she too, didn't want anything to inhibit her boisterousness and a tiny bow on a clip would have done just that.

As we were heading back to the van later, Drue was eyeing the headband curiously.

"Why does it have spikes on it?" she wanted to know.

Before I could launch into my explanation about how those keep it fitting snuggly to ones' head, Reese piped up and dramatically said, "I know...I felt like I was wearing a crown of thorns on my head like Jesus."

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