Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sister Against Sister

Last night was the BIG night in the girls' T Ball season. Their teams played against each other. There was no competitive streak to worry about, however. There were a lot of hugs and high fives during the game though. Which was sweet to watch and elicited many Awwwwwwwww's from the bleachers.

We cheered wildly for both sides of course. And ran the girls' bat back and forth between dugouts. We also ran hydration to both dugouts thanks to the sweltering 100 degree temperature.

This was the end of the game where both teams line up to tell each other "good job" or "good game". I snapped the camera just as Reese and Drue got to each other but you can't see much of Drue...just her socks.
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Amanda said...

These videos are too adorable! I love all the hugs! What great sportsmanship!

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